Crates for demanding cargos

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Boxes are offered in three ranges:

It is easy to get an exact quote, and boxes can be available on short notice.

Institutional line

Concerns addressed by the Institutional line are:

  • Maximum protection for contents from penetration, jarring, vibration, crushing, thermal changes and moisture
  • Continuous re-use of the container

Boxes in the institutional line have thick walls and additional framing, making for a very robust box that will stand up to repeating handling, storage and re-use. The institutional line provides the maximum in protection for customers that are highly risk-averse.

Boxes are provided with handles, bolted lids and skids for forklift handling. Top loading, side loading and platform loads are accomplished through separate designs. Lids are provided with compression seals. Boxes are sealed with a satin outdoor wood finish, or painted. Many customers have a unique custom colour.

Boxing a Jeff Wall.

Professional line

Concerns addressed by the Professional line are:

  • Versatility to cover a wide range of shipping requirements
  • Engineering can be optimized for weight or robustness
  • Provide for strapping and forklift handling
  • Intermediate cost

This line consists of boxes with an intermediate part count and offering a wide range of options. Customers may choose from a selection of framing, wall and liner thickness options. Boxes may be supplied unlined, and foam corner blocks are available in a range of sizes and thickness. Lids may may be screwed or secured with compression fasteners.

Hinges, lock hasps and handles are options. Boxes may be equipped with stiffeners and skids to facilitate banding and forklift handling.

Al Bergman
The racing chair boxed.

Economy line

Concerns addressed by the Economy line are:

  • Ease of ordering
  • Providing a sturdy alternative to cardboard shipping containers
  • Light shipping weight and adequate robustness
  • Minimizing expense

This line consists of sturdy utility boxes for shipping framed pictures and three-dimensional objects. Boxes are designed to keep costs to a minimum.

Boxes are lined with 3/4" thick expanded polystyrene foam. Lids are secured with Unidrive screws, accepting both Philips and Robertson drivers.

Gift boxes for Teck Corp.
Flats used for repeated shipping of industrial products.