Crates for demanding cargos
For quality wood packaging that ranges from intricate to massive:
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Box for Museum of Anthropology
Intricate nested boxes for repatriation of Maori sculls.
Box for Parks Canada
Massive box for exhibition of antique totem pole.

What distinguishes high-end packing boxes

  • Fully enclosed: Our packing boxes are fully enclosed to the elements.
  • Foam lined: To buffer and insulate fragile contents, we line our boxes with foam.
  • Wood: For strength, we construct our boxes from wood, including 1/2-inch thick plywood.
  • Painted: To enhance protection from the elements, our high-end boxes are painted.
  • Bolted: The lids are bolted on, rather than screwed, to facilitate reopening any number of times.
  • Precise: Each box is manufactured to the exact inside dimensions and strength required.
  • Easy to handle: We take care to provide sturdy handles in the right places.
  • Easy to pack: We plan our boxes to facilitate placing fragile things into them.
  • Easy to open: We provide tools--mounted to outside--to open our boxes. (Customs people like this.)
  • Coded serial number: Our serial numbers are coded to ensure that they are error free and unchanged.
  • Certified: Vevex is a registered participant (CA-00341 HT) in the Canadian Wood Packaging Certification Program. This allows Vevex crates access to virtually any nation on earth.
Certified, serial #, bolted, tools, jointed, easy to handle.
Precise, easy to open/pack/handle, foam lined.