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How do I get a crate for a chandelier?

There are a wide variety of chandeliers, but in our experience, crating them starts with building an Industrial Line crate having a cross member at the top from which to suspend the chandelier. Once suspended, typically we use a banding product to secure points on the chandelier to the sides of the crate, so it won’t move while being shipped.

Who packs the crate?

That’s up to you. For most of our customers, we deliver the crates to them and they pack. As an alternative, you can deliver the goods to our shop and we will pack. It is important to note that you should check your insurance to make sure your goods are covered while they are in our care. If you want we can refer you to a freight broker to arrange the shipping. As a third option, sometimes we bring the crates to your location and we pack there. It all depends on what works best for you.

In your Economy line you actually have three different types of crates. How do I choose?

Don’t worry about it. It all depends on how thick the item is. We always quote the least expensive Economy Line style, depending on the thickness of the item being shipped.

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