Crates for demanding cargos

Designed to protect, built to last.

Tailored to your needs.

Sturdy construction

Easy to use

Protecting your priceless assets can be difficult.

Frustrated by prebuilt options not being exactly what you need?

Tired of constantly replacing your cargo crates?
Struggling to pack and unpack your cargo easily?
Heartbroken by your cargo being damaged in a cheap crate?

You shouldn’t have to struggle to protect your cargo.

Let’s build a crate that works for you!

Vevex crates are designed to last.

Tailored to fit your cargo perfectly, built to protect it on all the bumps in the road.

Our software creates a custom design to fit every aspect of whatever you’re wanting to transport.

Easy access to the crate to get in it and re-pack it for multiple transports.

All of our crates have a unique serial number and are certified for international transport and comply with the ISPM 15 guidelines.

Premium materials that can last as long as the cargo itself.

Trusted by:

Our crates are for more than just transport.

Protect your cargo and assets:

In Storage

While on location

In Shipping

Across the Border

Easy options to fit your needs

Museum Quality Line

Tailored to what you want to protect most

Industrial Line

Versitile and reusable

Economy Line

Built for you to ship and move quickly

Protecting your cargo is simple:

Get a FREE Quote

Lets us know about your cargo, where its going, and what we’re protecting and we’ll give you an accurate quote.

Build it

We’ll use our proprietary software to create you the perfect crate to handle whatever you want to protect.

Protect with ease

Transport and protect your cargo with the peace of mind its safe and secure no matter what.

Our crates are built to last, and tailored to your exact needs.

Our team of passionate and skilled craftspeople take pride in creating strong, creative, and protective crates to help you protect what you value most.

Through the use of our own software program, we can design the perfect crate for your cargo to protect it in transport, storage, or even when you have to ship it away.

Our most popular option is our museum quality crates, designed to protect priceless works of art for museums, made to last with the cargo, so you never have to worry about it getting damaged.

Our mission is to help you protect your valuable cargo, and give you the peace of mind that your asset is safe.

Let us help you keep
your cargo safe

Whether you’re shipping priceless artwork, or looking for a cost- effective way to protect expensive goods; our crates will make all the difference.